Ahh the ocean

On my way to coos bay!!! So excited its been over a year since I’ve sern the ocean. To me there is nothing more relaxing than standing in front of the ocean. It makes me realize just how small I am, and all my problems seem to disappear if just for a moment. Its more than needed with all thats going on I am really looking forward to enjoy the moment and appreciate just how far I have come. Its not easy staying clean but I have amazing people, family included that have been more than supportive in my recovery. I will never be able to express just how amazing every one is and how I dont know if I could have come this far with out them. I am very lucky. Im back on a good combination of medications. My moods have been pretty stable, my anxiety is another story. Lol. I see my Doc next week amd am going to have them increased. Well thats it for today I will post some coast pics with this post later….

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