Who’s life is this ?


Who’s life is this?

A dreamer, full of  promise.


Destined for  greatness.

Fearless and free.

Such strength and determination.

Who’s life is this?

One too many bad choices.

You have lost yourself.

No where to go.

No  purpose.

Just going through the motions, no longer living.

Defeated and numb.

Barely recognizable.

Your existence is fading.

Can you remember who you are?

Can you remember who’s life this is?


  1. Oh boy, I feel you. Hang in, I know, it is SO MUCH easier said than done. You can do it. Yes, you really can. I do believe we are all put to the test. I hit rock bottom, mini-rock bottoms, so many times and then one day I really hit rock bottom, and found many blessings that I thought were curses. I really WOKE UP. I am trying to inspire and empower you. I hope you don’t take that the wrong way. I am behind you 100%. You really can make good things happen for yourself. Love to you!

  2. It is a rough journey but not impossible. My thoughts are with you. Thanks for following one of my blogs.

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