Its not ok

So the latest drama for me is the D.A., not me, is wanting to press charges against my husband for assaulting me. Apparently its a felony with a 5 year sentence because it happened in front of the kids. I have been avoiding posting about this because it is not easy to think about for so many reasons…

 I am so angry that it happened. He knows he fucked up. We have been under a ridiculous amount of stress, I know that doesn’t excuse his behavior, he knows that too. It took him a minute, but he came to the realization on his own. He  signed up for alcohol treatment and counseling for his anger. He is an alcoholic he turns into a complete jackass when he drinks. It only takes one beer and he’s a completely different person. Its been his problem for years. He’s finally acknowledging he has a real problem and seeking help for it. He also scheduled an appointment with a doctor to see if there is something more going on.

So is it really necessary for him to go to jail for 5 years? Shouldn’t he be aloud the opportunity to get help first. I don’t want to spend a night without him, how will I get through 5 years?  My kids wont have their dad around its just so fucked up. I love him so much it sucks it got this bad for us but there re plenty of real criminals out here they should be worrying about.



  1. what a horrible thing to have happened – all of it. Hang in there. Surely they can’t press charges if you don’t want to?
    & thanks for the follow, btw.

    • I have been told they can… but Im thinking if they really wanted to it would have happened by now right?

  2. Ouch! I am sorry. I can only imagine the stress you are under and your children, too. It sounds like he wants to do the right thing. I am proud of him for that. I’m so sorry. I think he should also be given the chance to help himself. 5 years is a long time and will not teach him anything but to be more angry. I am so sorry honey. 😦

    I’m glad you are talking about it. I think that’s a good thing. Know you are thought about. Please keep writing, I would love so much to know how you’re doing. ♥ XO

    • Thank you so much. It really helps knowing that someone is not just reading my posts but acually cares too. Again thanks it means more than you can know.

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