I have been under so much stress these last few weeks. My husband and I both have been walking on egg shells around each other. There has been so much tension.
I finally snapped. I don’t know how I didn’t sooner. I have been frantically cleaning the house. I spend all day following everyone around picking up their messes. I don’t even give them the option to pick up after themselves. I can do it faster, and I can do it the way I expect it to be done. I can’t even stand a single piece of silverware left in the sink. Everything needs to be cleaned and put in its place.
I was going to go to my sisters and watch movies, but before I could leave my husband wanted me to fix diner. He insisted he was starving and apparently is no longer capable of cooking for himself. Whatever I really don’t mind doing the cooking. I make less of a mess anyways lol. So I did. I cooked him diner at 3 in the afternoon.
While my husband and kids ate diner I went to the store and spent 24 of the 30 dollars we had left on groceries.
When I got back the house was trashed. There was dirty dishes and crumbs everywhere. I was so irritated. I bust my ass all day picking up after them and nobody seems to give a shit. Before I had a chance to put all the groceries away my husband rudely asked if had spent all the money. I said “no we still have 6 dollars. Enough for a pack of smokes. “He said “oh great! It figures”. I just looked at him and asked “what is your problem”?
He said he wanted to buy a part for the car. I said ” oh ya! That’s way more important than the kids eating” then it just spiraled out of control. We were calling each other names, screaming at each other. Then he started talking about leaving. At this point I noticed that the trash was overflowing. I asked him three days ago to take it out. Plus right before going to the store I had asked him again and he said he would. That was the final straw. I told him he was arguing with me over buying food, and I have been exhausting myself cleaning up after everyone. That it’s bull shit Nobody can even rinse a fucking plate. Why am I the only one doing it all?
I grabbed the car keys, told him I was leaving and wouldn’t come back till the house was clean. I went to my sisters. After venting to her what was going on he texted her asking if i was there.
I decided I would text back pretending to be her. I told him I wasn’t there and asked if I should be worried. He said that we got in an argument over him not taking the trash out, he said he was being an asshole and wanted to say he was sorry but didn’t know where I was. I continued to let him think he was talking to my sister, and that I wasn’t there. I stayed at my sisters for a few hours I wanted to make him sweat. I know it’s fucked up but I was really mad. When I went home he was very apologetic and sweet. I had to tell him I was at my friends house because I’d he knew I was at my sisters and he was really texting me all night he probably wouldn’t be so nice.

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  1. So hard when we let things build up in us and then we explode. It is always the little things that get under my skin and when I do explode, I look ridiculous lol!Take a deep breath and lay out what you expect from them and make sure you let them know it :-)http://longislandchick.com

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