~Calm yourself~

I have so many thoughts I want to write about, but as soon as I start writing I forget what I wanted to write about. My mind is moving faster than I can write. Just as fast as a thought pops into my head it’s quickly replaced by another one.
I am kind of depressed today. No reason for it. I’m just bummed. I wonder if I am aloud to be angry without people thinking I am manic. I can be mad just to be mad. It doesn’t always have to mean something. Right? Is this just part of being bipolar? Should I expect people to assume I am sinking into a major depression every time I’m sad? I worry about being too happy because people will think I’m manic. I feel like I’m not supposed to feel anything because if I do people are going to start thinking I need my meds adjusted. I usually don’t care if people know I’m bipolar. Its never been a secret.I have always been open about it. Lately I’m not do sure. I seem to be surrounded by some of the worlds most ignorant people. People that think that they are experts in every area, when they really have no idea what they are talking about. These people think they know what I need or how to handle me. It’s so frustrating sometimes. One of these days I’m going to tell these people where to stick it, if I don’t loose my temper and punch them in the face first. Thank god for blogging. I am able to rant on until I have calmed down.


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