~My sister~

My sister came over today. She brought her boys, and all the kids played. It was a lot of fun. She says she is not OK with me moving which I kind of expected to be her reaction. She has to be organized, has to plan stuff out. She actually gets frazzled if she has something planed out and it doesn’t go exactly like its supposed to. I, on the other hand, am the complete opposite. I am more spontaneous, and rarely plan stuff out. I am very disorganized and constantly do spur of the moment shit.The fact that I have to be out of my place by the end of the month and haven’t found a place to move into yet is driving her nuts.
Honestly I think the change is scary for her. She says its because she is having some pretty scary health stuff and she needs me. I told her we hardly see each other as is. We have been leaning on each other when we should have been leaning on our spouses. I don’t even think its a bad thing. Our relationship changed, it evolved. I think we just grew up a little. We don’t need each other as much as we used to.
I talked to my dad on the phone for a while today. He is pretty bummed about what has happened between me and my sister. Its hard for him to see us go from being that close to what we are now. He started talking about when hes not around and said something like “you want your kids to be able to take care of each other”. The thing is we will, and we know that if it came down to it  we will always be there for each other. Right now I need to focus more on my life, my family and getting myself healthy. She needs to do the same. I bet we spend more time on the phone, and probably even visiting each other after I move.


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