~Message to a lost friend~

For the slight chance you read this. I sent you a link. I’m pretty sure you know who you are anyways, but just in case, “thanks for letting me steal the pictures” You were someone I considered to be a really good friend. Someone I shared things with.Someone I thought listened and cared like nobody else has. Someone I looked forward to spending secret moments with. Moments we both said we would never forget and supposedly meant something to us. Now your in another state, acting like your doing the “right thing” by no longer talking to me and  ignoring my messages. I want to tell you I think your an asshole. Fuck your newly found morals. Fuck all the stuff you said and Fuck that fake flower. Remember when you claim to be unhappy know that you have done it to yourself. I’m done feeling sorry for you. You had more than enough opportunities. I can’t believe I would be dumb enough to let myself  have any kind of feelings for you. I fell for all your shit, stupid me.


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